Prof. Asoc. Dr. Albana Plakiqi-Milaimi

Profesor i Asocuar, Dekan

Pozicioni: Profesor Asocuar
Angazhimi: Profesor i Rregullt
Titulli: Profesor Asistent Albana Plakiqi-Milaimi

Autobiografia – CV 

Autobiografia – CV (Anglisht)

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Publishing, Prof. Asoc. Dr. Albana Plakiqi Milaimi
Revistat Shkencore
Titulli i punimit Emri i revistes Viti / Vellimi/faqet
Lead Effect on Aminolevulinic
Acid Dehydratase Activity of Feral
Pigeon (Columba livia) in Drenas.
Journal of Chemical Health Risks
DOI: 10.22034/JCHR.2015.544113
(2015) 5(4), 245-250
Histological study of liver, kidney
and testes of feral pigeon (columba
livia) living in cortyard of
ferronickel smelter in drenas town-
International journal of ecosystems and
ecology science (IJEES). ISSN-L2224-4980;
E-ISSN2224-4980; IF (Impact Factor)1.811 /
(2016) 6 (3), 297-304
Accumulation of Heavy Metals in
Feral Pigeons Living Near a
Ferronickel Smelter.
Pol. J. Environ. Stud. Impact factor1.120;
eISSN: 2083-5906; SSN: 1230-1485http: //www.pj
(2016), 25, No. 6; 1-5
Impact of heavy metal pollution in
liver function and morphology of
feral pigeon (Columba Livia),
living in the courtyard of
ferronickel smelter in Drenas –
International Journal of Ecosystems and
Ecology Sciences.
Doi:;ISSN 2224-4980; IF= 2017: 1.811 ournalofecos
ystems/template/volume-7 -1 -2017
(2017), 7 (1): 129-134
Metal Bioaccumulation, Enzymatic
Activity, Total Protein and
Hematology of Feral Pigeon
(Columba Livia), Living in the
Courtyard of Ferronickel Smelter
in Drenas
Journal of Chemical Health Risks;
DOI: 10.22034/JCHR.2011.543964;□ Print ISSN 2251-6719;□ Online ISSN 2251-6727
8050543 Metal Bioaccumulation Enzymat
n the Courtyard of Ferronickel Smelter i
n Drenas)
(2011)1(1): 01-06
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Punime shkencore (abstrakte) ne Konferencat Nderkombetare dhe Kombetare Shkencore
Enzymatic Activity and Total
Protein of Feral Pigeon (Columba
Livia), Living in the Courtyard of
Ferronickel Smelter in Drenas.
International Conference on Applied
Biotechnology”, on September 22, 2014, in
Tirana, Albania; Proccedings Book, ISBN:
Shtator (2014) 1(1): 255-256
Haematological Parameters Of
Feral Pigeon (Columba Livia),
Living In The Courtyard Of
Ferronickel Smelter In Drenas.
5th International Conference of
Ecosystems, Tirana, Albania;Proccedings Book, ISBN: 978-9928-
Qershor 2015; Prezantim oral.
Heavy metal accumulation on soft
and solid tissues of feral Pigeons
(Columba livia) living on
Courtyard of Ferronickel Smelter
in Drenas
2th international conference of
Agriculture and Food Environment.
Abstract book.
Kor?e, Shtator 2015; Poster
A morphometric study of heavy
metals effects on feral pigeon
(Columba livia) living in Drenas-
Konferenca Kombetare e Shkencave te
Aplikuara, Tirane
Nentor 2015; Prezantim oral.
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