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Prof.Asoc.Dr. Isuf Lushi


Pozicioni: Profesor i Asocuar, Dekan
Angazhimi: Profesor i Asocuar, Dekan
Titulli: Prof. asoc. dr. Isuf LUSHI

Autobiografia – CV (English)

Prof. asoc. dr. Isuf LUSHI
Scientific Publications:
Title of paper Journal name Year / Volume / Pages
1. Sadik Maloku, Isuf Lushi, Zekria Loka, Maksim Me90. “Evalution on financial performance of broiler bredieding in Kosovo”. “European Journal of Business, Economics and Accountancy ” 2017 / 5/ 97 /.
2.Sadik Maloku, Isuf Lushi, Zekria Loka, Maksim Me9o, ”The costs of breeding in laying hens and eggs' production in Kosovo”. “European Journal of Business, Economics and Accountancy ” 2017 / 5/11 /.
3.Isuf Lushi, Remzi Keco, Ilir Tomorri, Ilir Kapaj.“Main Factors That Determin Consumer Behavior for wine in the region of Prizren, Kososvo” “Annals Food Science and Technology” 1.html 2016 / 17/ 1/186- 190/.
4. Isuf Lushi, Ana Mane, Ilir Kapaj, Remzi Keco “Producer and Consume’s Perspectives on Olive Oil Quality Albania’s Case”. “Advances in Management & Applied Economics”ISSN:1792-7544 (print version), 1792- 7552(online) Scienpress Ltd, MAE/Vol6 4 6.pdf 2016/ 6/87/.
5. Isuf Lushi. “Efect of integrity of the officers on reduce the tax evasion or increase of the revenue -Survey in Kosovo” “European Journal of Sustainable Development”ISSN: 2239-5938Doi: 0.14207/ejsd.2016.v5n2p51 2016/ 5/51-56/.
6. Isuf Lushi, Ramadan Gashi. “Potential Risks to avoidance of customs duties: Research in Kosovo” “European Journal of Sustainable Development”ISSN: 2239-5938. 10.14207/ejsd.2016.v5n2p51http://ojs.e csdev. org/index .php/ejsd/article/vi ew/3 18 2016 / 5/ 67-74/
7. Isuf Lushi, Ana Mane, Ilir Kapaj & Remzi Keco, “A Literature review on ISO 9001 Standards” “European Journal of Business, Economics and Accountancy ” ISSN 2056-6080. vol-4-no-2-2016/ 2016/ 4/ 81-85/.
8. Isuf Lushi, “Production of compost and its economic importance” “American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS)” http://asrjetsj rican Scientific Journal/article/view/1 308 2016 / 16/ 319-327/.
9. Hysni Terziu & Isuf Lushi. “The development of Small and Medium Enterprises-Their Impact on the growth of Employment in Kosovo” “European Journal of Economics and Business Studies” apr 16/Terziu.pdf? 2016/2/38-49/
10. Maxhuni, Shukri, Lushi, Isuf. “Amino - Acids in cheese Ka9kaval produced from Combined Milk (2: 1 Cows & Sheep Milk) in Milk Industry “Bylmeti”in Fushe Kosova” “Journal of Progressive Research in Chemistry (JPRC) ” ournals/index .php/j prc/arti cle/view/528 ournals/inde x.php/jprc 2016/3/123-130/.
11. Isuf Lushi, “Research about purchasing consumer and their needs for vegetables in the market Prizren regjion” Revista shkencore nderkombetare”DISKUTIME” 2015/ 4/16.
12.Hysen Bytyqi, Hajrip Mehmeti, Isuf Lushi, Ibrahim Mehmeti “Economic assessment of bufalo farm production in Kosovo” Java e shkences Prishtine.ISBN 978-9951-16-087-2 ISBN 978-9951-16-089-6 2014/2/141-149
13.Isuf Lushi, Ll. Haxhinasto2, N. Balaj, Hasani, F.4 “Comparison of different mulch materials in tomatos (Solanum lycopersicum L.) crop in Sun Greenhouse in Kosovo”. Research Journal of Agricultural Science.Faculty of Agriculture, ueId=29 2012/ 44(1)/99-104/.
14. Isuf Lushi, Balaj, N. Hasani, F. “The impact of the number of bloomed flowers in early maturity, productivity and production quality of the tomato cultivar jaguar F1”. Research Journal of Agricultural Science./http://connecti cles/88974589/impact-number- bloomed-flowers-early-maturity- productivity-production-quality- tomato-cultivar-jaguar-f1 2012/44(1)/104-108
15. Isuf Lushi, Llazar Haxhinasto, Nexhat Balaj. “Efect of Planting Deadline in early production and yield of tomato in sun greenhouses” Jurnal of institute Alb-shkenca Aktete, ISSN 2073-2244, 2012/3/ 474-480,.
16. N. Balaj, Ll. HAXHINASTO, F. HASANI, I.LUSHI, F. BALAJ “The study of flowering shrubs (Forsythia, Syringa, Cotoneaster) cultivars in the environment architecture and urbane landscape.”. Research Journal of Agricultural Science detail/7 2012/44/145-150/.
17. Hasani, F. Sallaku, F. Balaj, N. Haxhinasto, LlHsuf Lushi. “The Study of Environmental Pollution by the Waste of Drinking Water after the Treatment”. J. Int. Environmental Application & Science,ISSN 2055-18-4-7. 2012/7 / 417-422/.
18. Isuf Lushi, Haxhinasto, Ll. Musa, F, Balaj, N, Mrasori, Z. “The study of the impact the number of floors for the cultivation of tomato in greenhouses in Kosovo”, Journal of Institute Alb-Shkenca ALB-Shkenca. ISSN:2073-2244 2009/3/451-454
19. Isuf Lushi, N Balaj, L Haxhinasto, O Zhitia “The study of some hybrids of tomatoes in sun greenhouses in Kosovo” ISHS, Acta Horticultura IV Balkan Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes, 9-12 Septembar 2008, Bulgaria.ISBN: 978-90-66055-52-0. 2009/830/163-168/ 09.830.21
20. Balaj, N. Isuf Lushi, “The stady of floering stage and ornamental values for some seasonal flowers cultivars the climatic conditions in Kosova” “Kerkime” Kud (635.9). A.SH.A.K. Prishtine. 2009/17/.
21. Isuf Lushi, Haxhinasto, Ll, Hysen Mankolli, Spaholli, A. Jaupi, A. “The stady some of the hybrids of tomatoes in sun greenhauses in Kosovo” Buletini Shkencor-Science Bulletin ISSN: 2078-7111. 2009/18/ 66-73
22. Fadil Musa, D Bericha, Bakir Kelmendi, Imer Rusinovci, Osman Zhitia, Ramiz Bekqeli, Isuf Lushi ” Tuber yield and other relevant parameters of some Netherlands potato varieties in agro-climatic conditions of Kosova Bull. 44th Croatian and 4th Int. Symp. Agric 2009/444-448
23. Isuf Lushi, Ll. Haxhinasto, H. Mankolli, A. Jajupi. “The impact of the number of floors in tomato producers in greenhouses". Revista Shqiptare e Shkencave Bujqesore Universiteti Bujqesor i Tiranes. 2009/ 12./10/451-454
24. Isuf Lushi, Haxhinasto, Ll. Zhitia, O. Balaj, N. “The stady some of the hybrids of tomatoes in sun greenhauses” Akademi e Shkencave dhe Arteve e Kosoves.KUD 635.64 “Kerkime” nr. 16. 2008/16/
25. Balaj, N. Haxhinasto, Ll. Hasani, F. Vuksani,V. Isuf Lushi. “The effect of quantity nutritive substrate in vase of different size in vegjetative grow and flowering characterstics on there rose cultivars” Akademia e Shkencave dhe Arteve e Kosoves,KUD 635.9:633.81, “Kerkime”, ASHAK, Prishtine. 2008/ Nr.16.
26. Balaj, N. Rusinovci, I. Isuf Lushi, “The influence of the sub-graft rosa canini “LAXA” in the flower vegetative development and production for some rose cultivators” “Kerkime”14 ASHAK, Prishtine Kud (631.57).061.12:50(05)(082)(496.51). 2006.
Mongraphy books
1.Lushi, Isuf “The Tomato production techology in protected areas " ” ISBN:978-9951-677-09-7. Prizren 2017/2-169
2. Balaj,Nexhat. Isuf Lushi (Recensente). ”Rosa Canina in the architecture of green urban environments ” ISBN: 978-9951-8-6/ Prishtina 2012.
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