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Skender Kokollari

Secretary of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

The Secretary of the AcademicUnit has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • It is responsible for professional, administrative and technical matters, the structure of which will be determined by its scope in accordance with the provisions of the Statute.
  • By special authorization, represent the Faculty in litigation, or complete the necessary evidence for the legal representative (Officer) of the University;
  • Drafts regulations, which are approved by the main governing authorities of the University, the Faculty Council or the Dean of the Faculty; Coordinates the preparation, implementation, reporting and evaluation of the Faculty budget;
  • Maintains stable data and files for: Faculty staff; candidates applying for admission to studies at all levels; statistics for students enrolled in all study and research programs; Student files of all levels of studies; Graduates; Teaching; assets and infrastructure of the Faculty, etc .;
  • The administrative office issues student status certificates, grade certificates and graduation certificates;
  • Is responsible for the annual evaluation of the work of the administrative staff of the academic unit and the preparation of the annual report on the achievement of objectives;
  • Performs professional work to assist academic staff in implementing the objectives in the realization of the practical teaching process in laboratories;
  • Stores Faculty data in a standardized electronic manner. This data is stored in the central database at the service of each Faculty; Provides logistics services for the needs of the Faculty.