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Vision and Mission

Faculty Mission

The basic mission of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences (FSHJM) will be to provide the level of university and postgraduate education as well as to deal with scientific research and consulting work related to the Living Natural Sciences, Environment and Agribusiness. In the framework of self-orientation towards the study of natural resources and their sustainable management, the faculty is one of the institutes that every state needs in order to form and maintain its identity. The protection of relief and nature, the protection of natural heritage, the sustainable and friendly use of natural resources, the production and processing of quality food, together with modern technology present a global challenge which can be positively addressed by applying increasingly advanced research.

The mission of the faculty will be supported by the academic community of professors, scientific researchers, technical staff and students, who are responsible for maintaining and contributing to the activities of the faculty with their initiatives, permanent work, professional knowledge and quality work results.

Faculty Vision

The vision of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences is the advancement of knowledge, through the training of skilled professionals, and its implementation in the development of human potential for the development of a modern society in Kosovo oriented towards development aiming at the acquisition of modern trends global in social and educational terms.

With its educational and scientific programs, FSHJM accelerates and encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of life sciences as well as integral research of development problems that are largely multilayered and interrelated with the interests of different professions. Therefore, the faculty will provide high quality and cooperation in all scientific disciplines and study programs, international and professional recognition based on excellence.

Another guarantee of the level of education, research and development activities within the FJM is its international comparability. The faculty needs to have a solid professional position and look at all practical social issues in all areas included in its programs. Thus he needs to actively participate in the creation of nature policies, rural development and in policies related to forestry technology and food technology, as well as other relevant fields.