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Forestry and Environmental Sciences



Program 2: FOREST AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, BA, re/accreditation


Name of the study program Forest and Environmental Sciences
Level of qualification under the National Qualification Framework (NQK)
(with BA, MA, PhD, PhD program, university course, certificate or professional degree)
Bsc (Bachelor of Sciences)
Academic degree and diploma designation in full and abbreviated form Bachelor of Forest and Environmental Sciences (Bsc. Forest. and Environ.)
Field of study according to Erasmus subject Area Codes (ESAC) 01.6
The profile of Academic program  (specialization) Forest and Environmental Sciences
Minimum duration of study 3 year
Form of study (regular, non-stop work, distance study etc.) Regular
Number of ECTS credit (total per year ) 180 ECTS
Modules / Subjects (titles) Mathematics


Plant Biology

Animal Biology

Physics and Meteorology

Systematic and Forest Botany

Forest Chemistry

Forest Pedology

Basic Informatics

English Language

Sylviculture 1

Non timber forest products

Forest Genetics


Forest harvesting

Sylviculture 2

Forest Pathology

Forest Entomology


Mechanics and Forestry Mechanization

Plant Ecology and Geobotany


Forest Ergonomics

Forest Revitalization

GIS for landscape analysis

Elements of Economics

Administration and policy of Forest Resources

Forest Management Planning

Forest Protection from Fire

Forest Products

Ecological Microbiology

Plant Production

Engineering Forest Infrastructure

Forest Phytosociology

Environmental Monitoring

Game management

Forest Hydrology

Forest and Environmental Legislation

Basic statistic

Practical course (work)

B.Sc. Thesis

Number of study quotes 50
Leader of study Program Prof. ass. dr.  Faruk Bojaxhi,

Prof. ass. dr.  Albana Milaimi,

Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi,

Prof. ass. dr.  Mirvjena Këllëzi,

Permanent scientific / artistic staff
(Number by personnel category)
Four (4) professor:

Four associated professors, and one (1) assistant, PhD candidate

Study taxes 0€ per semester

According to administrative guidance of MESTI

Content of the educational process

Table of study program information under evaluation

Year I
Semester I Hours/week  
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Mathematics 3 2 6 Prof. asoc.  Dr. Ismet Temaj
2. O Chemistry 3 2 6 Prof. asoc.  Dr. Musaj Paqarizi
3. O Plant Biology 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr.   Bekim Gashi
4. O Animal Biology 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr.   Albana Milaimi
5. O Physics and Meteorology 3 2 6 Prof. asoc. dr. Meleq Bahtijari
Total 30  
Semester II
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Systematic and Forest Botany 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Bekim Gashi
2. O Forest Chemistry 3 2 6 Prof. dr. Fatmir Faiku
3. O Forest Pedology 2 2 5 Dr. sc. Muhamet Zogaj
4 O Basic Informatics 2 2 5 Prof. ass. dr. Arsim Susuri
5. O English Language 2 2 5 Dr. sc. Kadri Krasniqi
6. S Selective subjects 2 1 3
Total 30  
Year II
Semester III
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Sylviculture 1 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
2. O Non timber forest products 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi
3. O Forest Genetics 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Albana Milaimi
4. O Dendrometry 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
5. O Forest harvesting 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi
Total 30  
Semester IV
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Sylviculture 2 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
2. O Forest Pathology 2 2 5 Prof. ass. dr. Fadil Musa
3. O Forest Entomology 2 2 5 Prof. ass. dr. Fadil Musa
4. O Dendrology 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
5. O Mechanics and Forestry Mechanization 2 2 5 Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi
6. S Selective subjects 2 1 3
Total 30  
Year III
Semester V
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Plant Ecology and Geobotany 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Bekim Gashi
2. O Agroforestry 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
3. O Forest Ergonomics 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi
4. O Forest Revitalization 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
5. O GIS for landscape analysis 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Ferim Gashi
Total 30  
Semester VI
No O/S Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. O Elements of Economics 2 2 5 Prof. ass. dr. Kushtrim Braha
2. 0 Administration and policy of Forest Resources 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
3. O Forest Management Planning 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
4. O Forest Protection from Fire 3 2 6 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
5. S Practice or/and Selective subjects 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
6. O B.Sc. Thesis 4
Total 30  
Selective subjects Hours/Week  
No Stat. Subject L E ECTS Teachers
1. S*** Forest Products 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
2. S** Ecological Microbiology 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Albana Milaimi
3. S* Plant Production 2 1 3 Prof. asoc. Dr. Isuf Lushi
4. S** Engineering Forest Infrastructure 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi
5. S*** Forest Phytosociology 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Bekim Gashi
6. S* Environmental Monitoring 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Albana Milaimi
7. S** Game management 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
8. S* Forest Hydrology 2 1 3 Prof. asoc. dr. Arben Alla
9. S*** Forest and Environmental Legislation 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi
10. S** Basic statistic 2 1 3 Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi
11. S*** Practical course (work) 0 3 3 Coordinator of study program


Abbreviations: L – Lecture; E – Exercise/laboratory; O – Obligate subject; S – Selective subject

*      Recommendation for first year

**   Recommendation for second year

*** Recommendation for third year

Forests are a separate living space, they help establish the ecological balance and, at the same time, provide the human population with a basic source of recuperation, as well as numerous benefits intangible. Sustainable development is not possible without forestry professionals. Almost 60% of Kosovo’s territory is covered by forests, which is not so common in Europe and is an excellent opportunity for development, since scarce natural resources and to their sustainable management. The study program qualifies students to work in forest ecosystems in accordance with modern principles close to nature, and sustainable management. Such a scheme requires the connection between environmental, economic and technical sciences. It requires knowledge of forest ecosystems, social aspects of forest management, different techniques and technologies used in forest management and familiarity with modern methodological tools. One advantage of the study program is specifically on individual practice and work environment.

University Ukshin Hoti in Prizren has the necessary basis for the drafting and implementation of this study program, because the advantage of this proposed curriculum for accreditation, based on the trends of contemporary development in the field of science of forest, while the geographical position of region Prizren is close to National Park “Malet e Sharrit” makes this program even easier to implement in practice on the one hand, while on the other hand is also special program study because no other university in Kosovo does not offer study program Forestry Sciences.

Graduates may find employment in the public forest service enterprises, organizations of wildlife management and nature protection, economic organizations and schools (secondary and higher education). More and more opportunities are provided by self-employment – independent entrepreneur (initial processing of wood, creating forests, timber trading, fruit trees, ornamental wood production, ecotourism, private consulting agencies in forestry, biological engineering, spatial planning management of mountain areas). Due to large forest areas and their importance in Kosovo, the demand for forest professionals in administration, and governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with the protection of nature, is growing.

A significant number of graduates can be employed in private enterprise, such as greenhouses for commercial production (production of fruit and ornamental plants), but also in laboratories relevant to the area.


Expectations of teaching outcomes

Upon completing of this program students will be able to:

  • Carry out the activities of a forest officer, or professional associate in all forest activities;
  • Work on conducting forest inventory and participate in the implementation of the forest management program;
  • Perform all professional field work on sustainable forest care, revitalization and maintenance;
  • Become familiar with the mechanical equipment, techniques and standard technologies applied in forestry – mainly in the extraction of trees from natural forests, forest crops and plantations.
  • Perform professional work on forest improvement and planning in Kosovo, but also to protect forests against abiotic and biotic factors, especially against forest fires.
  • Understand and develop professional activities of implementing wildlife and plant management programs, organizing basic hunting.
  • Become familiar with the techniques and technologies of forest road construction, the sale of timber assortments, the organization of forestry production, and occupational health and safety in forestry.
  • Qualify to perform individual work in private enterprises as a forest inspector, or to be involved in teamwork in relation to all other duties in forestry, nature and environmental protection.
  • Be prepared to continue their professional development and be trained to pursue master studies.

Our main goal is to provide students with study tours at partner universities and especially at the University of Ljubljana, Polytechnic University of Ancona and the Agricultural University of Tirana as we also have cooperation agreements with these universities for this study profile.

Students will also have opportunities for practical study visits to the Ministry of Agriculture, Kosovo Forestry Agency, National Parks Directorates, Municipalities, NGO “FINCH”, and in coordination with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), the business community, NGOs, government institutions, civil society, students will have opportunities for professional practice, employment, joint projects, training consulting services etc.

In the future it is expected that in collaboration with teachers and with their works, they will participate in various conferences and will publish their works in national and international scientific journals.

The teachers of the program Forest and Environmental Sciences, individually, conduct various scientific research in their fields of study, that is, in the field of forestry. These studies mainly aim the achieving and presenting scientific results from their fields of study which are occasionally presented at conferences and other scientific meetings at home and abroad.

Faculty: Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment


Title of the study program: Forest and Environmental Sciences


ECTS for the proposed study program: 180


European university study program which can be compared to the first cycle programme of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences (University #1 means the University with which the programs of study are compatible up to 80% and University #2 means University with which there is similarity)²..


Ukshin Hoti University, Prizren University #1 Universiteti #2
University Ukshin Hoti University Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy). 2Università degli Studi di Palermo (Palermo, Italy).
3University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Faculty Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment Faculty of Agriculture 2Scienze Agrarie e Forestali
3Biotechnical Faculty
Study program name Forestry and Environmental Sciences Forest and Environmental Science 2Forest and Environmental Science
3Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources
Comparability % About 80% 2 About 80% 3 About 20%

*Study fee will be set according to the MASHT directives!

Forestry is the profession, science and skill of managing and preserving the forest ecosystems for the permanent benefit of society, the environment, and the economy. Therefore, the objective of undergraduate study of forestry trains students to manage forest ecosystems from a biological-environmental, technical and economic point of view.

The main goal of the program is to provide education in the bachelor level for forestry. Due to large forest areas and their importance in Kosovo, the demand for forest professionals in administration, and governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with the protection of nature, is growing. Basic knowledge in natural sciences, together with their application in forestry, will provide the necessary education to the labor market requirements needed in forestry and in different professional skills, and will enable students to continue their studies in the second cycle program – Master.

The various natural problems facing humanity in recent years, such as global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, floods, erosion and many other negative natural phenomena add value to the Science program and Environment,because due to the knowledge gained through this program, our students will be able to contribute positively to more efficient management of forests and other forest resources, as well as to raising public awareness on the importance of forests and forest resources.

Another very important aspect of the FES mission is the issue of preparing new staff, such as forest and environmental engineers, given the fact that this direction is the only one in Kosovo, and the lack of such staff is evident in the Kosovo.

The mission of the Forest and Environmental Sciences program is supported and will be implemented by the academic community of lecturers, scientific researchers, technical staff and students, as well as “Ukshin Hoti” University senior Management, who are responsible for maintaining and contributing to faculty activities. with their initiatives, permanent work, professional knowledge and quality work results, as well as undisputed support from various international projects and organizations present in Kosovo and abroad.

Objectives of the study program:

  • To have an advanced level of understanding of the problems in the field of Forests and the Environment and that of the living world in general.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the construction and operation of mechanisms in the context of nature conservation and maintenance, sustainable management of forests, flora and fauna, and all living organisms on land, which will be further strengthened by conducting research substantial in the chosen fields.
  • Learn how to professionally systematize, analyze and report data collected in the field or in the laboratory relevant to the study of Forests and Forest Resources at different levels.
  • Develop professional writing skills, getting information, statistical analysis of data, presentation of results, problem solving and teamwork needed for employment.
  • To be trained in providing advice and expertise to relevant institutions and organizations.

Academic Degree title and diploma title in full and abbreviated form

The studies in this program are of BA level (3 years), with a total of 6 semesters of 30 ECTS each, a total of 180 ECTS.

Upon successful completion of studies, the candidate receives the title: Bachelor inForest and Environmental Sciences.